Hello! I am Soumitra Saha.

I am from Kolkata, INDIA. Professionally I am a freelance animator but I like to take photos and paint.

→ Street Photography

The majority of my work is self-initiated. It is focused on capturing images of individuals, both in portraiture and in motion. I think the most interesting shoot location is the streets.

→ Urban Sketching

I have started to paint again after 23 years. In my childhood, I was very fond of painting. After I graduated in Mathematics I joined an animation course to fulfill my dream of arts. But painting in real media is something different. So after many years, I thought to give it another try.

→ Character Animation

I am a professional freelance character animator working since 2007.

I am taking on new projects. If you have any animation or painting projects or just want to say hi, please get in touch.